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WRAP YOURSELF - around your style and our cabin comfort

It is very rare that our clients won’t wish to further enhance the look and feel of their Defenders interior. First and foremost is to try to enhance the look as you open the door, look in and allow a smile as it has to have the look. No matter where your budget may lie, we always wish to make subtle suggestions as to how to add the starting point of further cabin comfort and style. It can be the simplest addition of a slightly smaller, more stylish steering wheel to aid the feel as you drive, as you manoeuvre to park in those tight spots. It will take your elbow away from the Defender door trim, all this from a simple fix. You can follow with a set of our leather or canvas dash pods that can sit on a reworked dashboard assembly. We remain the only company who offer the service to remove the dash board assembly and prepare, etch prime, paint a top coat in high gloss or satin finish to give an exact match to your Defender body or contrast colour which might match further interior enhancements all adding to a fabulous individual look. That Retro look we all seem to crave for these days works so well with a fully coloured dash assembly with contrasting leather or canvas dash pods and grab handle.

We have onsite trimmers and upholsterers together with sound engineers who all work with you to build your Defender interior, to give a pleasing look while adding further comfort for those longer journeys. We are the sole UK importers and distributors for Scheel-Mann comfort sports seats, specifically designed and built for the Land Rover Defender. We can supply in matching XS Defender part leather trim Scheel-mann traveller seats or trim them to match your individual interior with further option to add a second pair in the second row of any 110 or 130 Station Wagon. For those who love that Retro classic look we have developed our own range of Classic Retro comfort seats, which are a redesigned Defender seat now with far more comfort. Formed with a more classical car look incorporating raised wing shoulders that sweep up next to a far deeper head rest just liked those old Rover cars from the 70s. So with re-trimmed standard Defender seats, Scheel-Mann traveller and our own range of Classic Retro comfort seats there is a fabulous seat solution to suit, to further enhance the style and comfort of your Land Rover Defender. Another unique process offered by no other is we can reconfigure, rework the floor and rear wheel box panels to enable the second row seating to be moved back a further 14 centimetres, giving second row passengers far more leg room to aid comfort. Obviously great for all your longer legged passengers. On one occasion we were asked to incorporate full air suspension together with reworking the inner rear body of a 110 station wagon and building in 4 new generation fully electric heated and vented Range Rover seats with the rear pair right at the back to create a limousine like cabin. A huge challenge met by our team, that very special Defender remains in service escorting high end clients and celebrities around a prestigious shooting estate today 6 years down the road.

Having interior trimmers, fabricators, sound engineers and bodyshop all on site at our Peterborough facility means we can cover just about any bespoke or individual need, advise you all as to make sure your dreams and ideas are workable and there to be enjoyed for many years to come. Please enquire for first class help and advise or check out our Rivolve equipment page for those lovely seats and further touches for your reworked Land Rover Defender, to be as individual as you are.

Over the years we have built many Defenders for royalty, celebrities, film producers and company directors around the world as well as all those so valued clients just up the road who visit us from many many walks of life. The biggest buzz always comes from the fun, and appreciation raised from our clients.


    Rivolve bespoke Land Rover Defenders, built and reworked to be as individual as you are. Encompassing 34 years of true passion for everything LR Defender, giving you the lead to take our four editions, Retro Classic, Sport Wagon, Falcon Soft Back and Overland X, run with your lead to work with our great team to create your very special unique Defender, like no other out there. Reworked Land Rover Defenders, as individual as you are.