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We have been honing our skills, passion and expertise for 34 years now. Where has it all gone, since those wild days back in the late 1980s, when my passion and creativity started to shine through after university and global adventures which set me on a road to diversify from farming in Cambridgeshire to grow our global brand, Nene Overland which we all know, for all things Land Rover then and now. What this journey has done more than ever is give me such a great opportunity to grow a great team of like minded folk who are very much the custodians of our great company.

We remain unique in the industry, being the only company offering every service and speciality you could ever wish for on site at our Peterborough, Cambridgeshire facility. We have no need to contract any works away, every aspect of your supply and build is carried out onsite to aid control, quality and class leading technologies. All our works continue to be carried out with love and commitment to deliver just what you asked for and more.
Now is the time to allow our unique class leading Defenders to be able to stand out from the crowd, shine in their own identity, while encompassing your identity and lifestyle needs for a unique Defender as individual as you are, a Rivolve edition Defender, like no other.  Please enjoy our lead to offer four philosophies of Rivolve editions to give you a lead for Classic design, ultimate sports and performance, pure thrill of the open top and the chance to take you on that Overland eXpedition far beyond all others.  Our lifelong experience and expertise will continue to be with you.

Andrew Harrison Smith

Rivolve bespoke Land Rover Defenders, built and reworked to be as individual as you are. Encompassing 34 years of true passion for everything LR Defender, giving you the lead to take our four editions, Retro Classic, Sport Wagon, Falcon Soft Back and Overland X, run with your lead to work with our great team to create your very special unique Defender, like no other out there. Reworked Land Rover Defenders, as individual as you are.