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At Rivolve we know that the world doesn’t stand still. We’ve seen it with our own eyes having designed, built and used Defenders for, and in environments all over the globe. That journey continues today and it continues to take us to exciting places.

As the world changes and we adapt with it, an E.V solution seemed like a natural progression for our Defenders. We had little interest in simply being the first to market, for us it was imperative that our offering was capable, reliable and functional. A big part of that was incorporating something that has always been fundamental to our Defenders, and that was to maintain, and where possible, enhance the character of the vehicle. With that in mind our E.V conversion offers no compromise and only enhancement.


We know that E.V is a fast developing technology and with this in mind the modular nature of our conversion means that it can be upgraded and replaced piece by piece. Not only does it make sense from an early adoption standpoint, but economically and environmentally it makes far more sense than the ‘disposable/sealed unit’ offerings from mainstream manufacturers.

Our solution is more capable off road due to the programming of torque delivery, it can wade due to its IP68 waterproof rating and, in line with the characteristic that has kept the classic Defender alive for so long, it’s upgradable.

The future is already here, and the Rivolve E.V conversion allows you to take the best parts of the past with you.


For all enquiries and further details about Rivolve, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Rivolve Cambridgeshire

Rivovle Motorworks, Peterborough Road, Ailsworth, PE5 7DL
01733 380 687