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Fuji White

After 35 years of addiction and passion for anything Classic Land Rover we felt the time was right to focus our vast experience and skills to offer something that might just be a cut above the rest. As most will know we have been turning out some of the most creative, stylish, high performing Land Rover Defenders for many, many years so, as we have also worked with the fore runner to the Defender felt it only right to go back to our roots and pass on all that knowledge and skill offering a fully rebuild and re-engineered Classic Range Rover. To be based on the run out face lift models in either standard wheel base or the extra long LSE both in right and left hand drive forms with our industry-leading state of the art G M  355 – 650 BHP 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, soft ride sports TRACTIVE semi-active suspension set up, huge 8 pot calliper Rivolve braking, all backed up by three Limited slip differentials and heavy duty drive line to keep your smile going weather on Kensington high street, off piste in the Arabic dunes or whistling round the Cotswolds. Our interior design team will work with you to trim and fit your environment to suit whilst adding further sound proofing programs and enhanced navigation and surround sound packages. We are just so lucky to have such a great team of long serving highly skilled interior trimmers, engineers, sound engineers and body refurb shop to be able to deliver a truly high performing true classic Range Rover with all the comforts and refinements found in today’s luxury high performance motor car. Unique to our NeneBuilt – Rivolve bespoke LRs is that we are the only company anywhere that deliver all from our Peterborough facility, nothing is contracted out which aids quality and exacting delivery. Please enquire to work with us to deliver your very own personal RR Classic 650 that will be the ultimate wolf amongst the pack. Our Rivolve RR 650 will truly stand out from the crowd or have the crowd trying to follow, it’s your choice.
Please email, call or whatsapp or 07850 156655 for further help and advice to begin your journey with your very own Classic RR Luxury RIVOLVE Rocket.
Guide to deliver, 250  – 300k depending on specification.  

Please enquire for further help and advice about this amazing Defender or potential to supply and build similar sport wagon or soft top Defender 90 or 110  via tel 07850 156655