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The last little touch most will always ask for is a rather nice tone from the audio, some help getting where you are going and the ability to keep in touch. Now we have made your Defender more stylish, drive so much better and cruise so much quieter you can relax, enjoy a proper sound while navigating your way and chatting via Bluetooth and hands free for as long as you wish.

If you want we can also instal a mobile WiFI set up to keep you connected just about anywhere. With the 5G network growing at a pace perhaps this is now less prevalent but always there as an option. The most popular solution is to swop out the old single din CD radio head unit, reconfigure the centre dash board assembly via relocation of the centre top row function switches to allow fitment of a double din centre panel which can be coloured to match or contrast your Defender interior trim colour. Then a state of the art Pioneer double din head unit will fit in giving you large easy to view double din screen showing sat nav and all its functions via touch screen actions with apple car play options to link directly to your smart phone, play all your favourite tunes and call up any friends, family and business contacts. Our resident sound engineer OZ will be on hand to help and advise as to give you comfort that you select the right package to suit your needs, your Defenders cabin environment and your exacting sound quality standards as we offer a wide range of sound enhancement packages, all which will dramatically improve sound quality. 
We really are again the only company who has a time served sound engineer in our organisation with north of 25 years doing noting else but creating and installing the right spread of audio equipment into all manner of sports and hi end motor cars, more recently, the last 12 years here working with the our Land Rover Defenders. If there is a particular make and model of system that you prefer feel free to discuss it with OZ as his knowledge and expertise will happily suport your ideas or maybe shed some light on a credible alternative that may suit your Defender far better as frustratingly we see it time and again where folk have paid plenty for equipment that really does not suit the Defender cabin environment or it is poorly installed and set up so just does not work right or creates all manner of electrical issues further down the line which sooner or later you will have to pay to have rectified. Spend it wisely, spend it once and get it right. For your initial interest please get in touch so we can put you in touch with OZ who will always be pleased to help and advise on all your sound and communication needs.
Rivolve bespoke Land Rover Defenders, built and reworked to be as individual as you are. Encompassing 34 years of true passion for everything LR Defender, giving you the lead to take our four editions, Retro Classic, Sport Wagon, Falcon Soft Back and Overland X, run with your lead to work with our great team to create your very special unique Defender like no other out there. Reworked Land Rover Defenders, as individual as you are.