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CHOICE OF 5 INSTALLS - 355 BHP Manual - 650 BHP Automatic

Since 1988 we have always been unable to resist the temptation to enhance the LR Defender in so many ways. Style and comfort enhancements always follow our engineering expertise to totally transform the Defender driving experience. This has led to so many years installing and converting the Land Rover Defender to make more power and torque to reconfigure the way it feels and drives. In the early years it was always about Turbo Diesel Intercooler installs, however for the past 10 years all those years of engineering and electrical experience have put us in such a great place to develop and offer what we have today. A range of 5 petrol V8 installs to suit a wide range of clients, their unique special Defenders and of course make so much more of what is such an iconic retro classic vehicle. For those that feel they just can’t move away from the Diesels, we also have a great range of performance, comfort and driving upgrades to make you feel that you have just got into a new Defender, vast improvements from the one that was left with the Nene team. Please enjoy further information, pricing and advice. We are always on hand to help and advise on the best V8 install solution for you, or of course discuss a full build and supply, as we continue to hold one of the largest inventories of quality used LR Defenders in the UK. Ready to begin your journey. We often supply, build and ship to clients worldwide so please catch up soon with your requirements. Please see our menu of 5 GM petrol V8 installs including 6 and 8 speed automatic transmissions plus 6 speed manual installs.

There is no other company that offers the choice and scope to give our clients the right solution for their Defender.  Unlike most who still continue to persevere with the LS3 we took the decision to continue to push the envelope, investing huge time and resources to develop a range of the more modern GM 5.3 and 6.2 litre V8 engines, giving both 6 speed manual and 8 speed automatic rather than the older 6 speed auto you find with the LS 3.  Your driving experience is so much smoother with further performance gained from slicker, smoother gear change from the 8 speed auto or for those who just love that manual change experience try our 5.3 V8 manual solution.  Please enquire for further help and advice or make an appointment to test drive at our Peterborough facility.

FIVE V8 Power Engine & Transmission Choices for your Defender

Rivolve R53 V8

Our signature 5.3L V8 comes to life with our R53 conversion. With the abundance of torque and available with either a manual or automatic transmission, the R53 is the perfect balance of performance and usability 

5328 cc
355 hp ( 264 kW ) @ 5600 rpm
382 lb-ft ( 519 Nm ) @ 4100 rpm
VVT Variable valve timing

6 speed manual option £31,995+vat
8 speed automatic option £39,995+vat

Rivolve R62 V8

The next step for performance, our 6.2 really delivers with 420bhp delivered through a silky smooth eight speed automatic gearbox. Tractability and performance are the hallmarks of this conversion.

6162 cc
420 hp (313 kW) @ 5600 rpm
460 lb-ft (624 Nm) @ 4100 rpm
VVT Variable valve timing

Differential HD drive shaft/flange upgrade £P.O.A+vat
8 speed automatic gearbox £41,995+vat

Rivolve R62 SC

The ultimate in V8 Defender performance. Producing over 650BHP this supercharged conversions offers huge capability while still being usable mated to our eight speed automatic gearbox

6162 cc
650 – 700 hp (485 kW) @ 6400 rpm
650 lb-ft (861 Nm) @ 3600 rpm
VVT Variable valve timing
HD Limited Slip Differentials
Driveline Strengthening

8 speed automatic gearbox £P.O.A+vat

Rivolve 6.2 LS3 (430 bhp)

Staying with the tried and tested General Motors LS Series engine, this 6.2 upgrade mates perfectly with the a six speed automatic gearbox

6162 cc
436 hp ( 320 Kw ) @ 5900 rpm
428 lb-ft ( 580 Nm ) @ 4800 rpm

Differential HD drive shaft/flange upgrade £P.O.A+vat

6 speed 6L80 automatic gearbox £39,995+vat

Rivolve LS3 (525 bhp)

The bigger brother to our other LS Series installation, this 525BHP option delivers all of the benefits of the other conversion but with the added torque and power output

6162 cc
535 hp (391 Kw) @ 4400 rpm
489 lb-ft (663 Nm) @ 4400 rpm

Differential HD drive shaft/flange upgrade £P.O.A+vat

6 speed 6L80 automatic gearbox


Automatic Transmission for GM L83 – L86 – LT4 supercharger installs

The Hydra-Matic 8L90 (production code M5U) is a fuel-saving and electronically controlled eight-speed automatic transmission developed and produced by General Motors for use in rear- and rear-biased all-wheel-drive vehicles with a longitudinal powertrain orientation. Used in full-size trucks, SUVs, sports cars, and luxury cars, the Hydra-Matic 8L90 is part of the 8LXX family of transmissions that succeeded the 6LXX family.


The Hydra-Matic 6L80 is a six-speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors for use in all-wheel-drive vehicles with a longitudinal powertrain orientation.

Developed in-house by General Motors, the Hydra-Matic 6L80 is part of the 6LXX family of fuel-saving, electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmissions.

(Price includes retention of removed core units)

Rivolve bespoke Land Rover Defenders, built and reworked to be as individual as you are. Encompassing 34 years of true passion for everything LR Defender, giving you the lead to take our four editions, Retro Classic, Sport Wagon, Falcon Soft Back and Overland X, run with your lead to work with our great team to create your very special unique Defender, like no other out there. Reworked Land Rover Defenders, as individual as you are.